How do I model a property flip analysis?

File > New File >

1. Select Property Type

2. Click on Flip 


3. Fill in all fields and then click the blue Submit button. If you are unsure what a field means, hover your cursor over the "i" icon to see a definition.


Note that you will need to input a full-year's worth of Holding Costs even if you are not holding the property for 12 months. The holding cost amounts that will show up in the analysis will be 1/12 of the full-year amount in each month.



4. Update Sale Valuation as applicable on the Home screen


5. Go to the Cash Flows screen and Input your renovation dollars spent in each month in the Renovation Outlays row by double-clicking on the cells and hitting the Enter key when done with each input.

Be sure to remember the total of these inputted amounts so you can input it on the Purchase/Sale screen.

After you make your inputs, you will see there is a red warning icon present. This will go away once you enter the total amount of renovation outlays on the Purchase/Sale screen.


6. Go to the Purchase/Sale screen and input the total Renovation Outlays amount in the Renovation Budget cell 


7. Uncheck any checked checkboxes to match your deal's specifics related to how the loan is sized


8. Go to the Sources of Funds screen and update the debt settings to match your deal's specifics. If the loan is interest-only, select "No" for Amortizing and set the Interest-only Period to 30 years.


10. Change the number Equity Players if applicable


11. Go to the Annual Cash Flow Report to verify cash flows are what you intended them to be


12. Return to any screen to update your inputs as you wish.

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