How to create an embeddable "iframe" (inline frame) of your Valuate analysis

To create an interactive "iframe" (inline frame) (sample here) that you can include in your web page's HTML, follow these steps once your file is in a state you deem ready for embedded presentation:


1, 2, 3. File > Export > Embed



4. The Embed Options modal will appear, defaulted to the pre-set "FOR BUYERS" tab. You can un-check and check any of the checkboxes on this tab (to either exclude or include the named elements in the embed), or do the same on either of the other two tabs ("FOR INVESTORS", "CUSTOM")



5. When you have all the checkboxes as you wish them to be on the tab of your choice, click the blue Get Code button


6. As shown above, a green "Generated code" notification will appear (and then fade out), and the code will appear in the bottom field, and it will automatically be selected (as signified by its highlighting in blue)


7. Edit any of the style elements you wish within the HTML code (iframe width pixel count, iframe height pixel count, frameborder pixel width)


8. Ctrl+C to copy the code


9. Paste the copied code into your HTML source code


10. Repeat the above steps if you want to change the embed at all, replacing the existing code with newly generated code.


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